About miss penny brands

Why we rock

At Miss Penny Brands, we’re passionate about happiness. We believe that happiness is absolutely essential to everyday living. We simply cannot get by without it! Sadly, however – the average person today struggles with feeling fulfilled on a consistent basis. Lack of fulfilment can lead to the big sad.

We do our best to bring people joy and we passionately believe that we can all do a lot more for society by helping and benefiting each other and in the process feel good about ourselves and in turn spread even more love in the world.

let's take you on a Journey

the backstory ...

It all started 15 years ago when I got involved in the hospitality industry that led me to a wine company. Not even a decade after that I added spirits to my portfolio. Being in the social limelight constantly I realised that there is a potential for lifestyle goods that consists of assorted products to suit various budgets and tastes. With this idea in mind, I set out to create Miss Penny Brands – an eclectic mix of things for likeminded individuals along with the occasional meaningful message thrown in here or there to get you thinking.

In a Nutshell …

Miss Penny Brands main dedication is to provide our customers with the best in extraordinary lifestyle products like clothes, furnishings, beverage, and other products. Our ethos is to create reliable, comfortable items with personality. We do not like to take any nonsensically heavy risks in the design process, and we always manufacture using the highest-quality materials available. We are enthusiastic about designing, sourcing, and delivering lifestyle products our customers can love. We are always experimenting with innovative ideas to share with the world.

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